Select Version IPSW for iPhone SE(2020)

In this post, you will be able to easily download the Ipsw file for Iphone SE (2020), it will also be a very safe and clean file, which has been provided by the Apple company for the download of official files, so all those on this website. All files are safe and secure, here you are available to download the signed and unsigned files of iPhone SE (2020).

iPhone SE (2020), which is currently released by Apple as a new iPhone, this smartphone is also becoming popular in the market but when a new smartphone is launched, there are definitely some bugs in it. To fix this,

The Apple company keeps releasing update files for customers that are in .IPSW Extention format and that file are called iOS. What happens if your iPhone updates the security patch or some kind of software problem Used to fix

What is the IPSW File?

IPSW is an extension of an iOS file and iOS is an Apple device Operating System(OS) include: iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.. Whenever Apple gives any update to your devices, these files reach the logo with the help of these files which are divided into 2 files which are both signed and unsigned in the iPad, iPhone, iWatch, iPod, Homepod, and AppleTV.

Used and whenever the Apple company has to add any kind of features to the devices, they modify an IPSW file and give a Publish Number for Apple device users, which you can use with the help of iTunes to send these files to your phone. Can install/flash, features, security patches, or any kind of software is used to fix the problem.

Device Information

iPhone SE (2020)
  • Identifier: iPhone7,2
  • Platform: t7000
  • BoardConfig: n61ap
  • BDID: 6
  • CPID: 28672

Select an IPSW for the iPhone SE(2020) below from Download List

Below Download list

Signed IPSW file for iPhone SE(2020)

The signed IPSW file means that you can easily flash or install it on any supported IPSW device via iTunes.

iOS 13.6 (17G68) for iPhone SE (2020)

Release Date15th July 2020
Upload Date6th July 2020
Filesize3.91 GB

iOS 13.5.1 (17F80) for iPhone SE (2020)

Release Date1st June 2020
Upload Date28th May 2020
Filesize3.88 GB

Unsigned IPSW file for iPhone SE(2020)

The Unsigned IPSW file means that you can’t flash or install it on any supported IPSW device via iTunes. You have to use a another Method.

iOS 13.5 (17F75) for iPhone SE (2020)

Release Date20th May 2020
Upload Date14th May 2020
Filesize3.88 GB

iOS 13.4.1 (17E8258) for iPhone SE (2020)

Release Date23rd April 2020
Upload Date14th April 2020
Filesize3.83 GB

How to install IPSW file in iPhone SE(2020) With Itunes

To install or flash ipsw in iPhone SE(2020), you have to take care of the important things like what you will need when you go to flash through iTunes


  • Installed iTunes
  • A Cable
  • PC/Mac
  • Downloaded IPSW file
  • Internet

Installation Process

Step 1. First of all iPhone SE(2020) from PC/MAC
Step 2. You then have to select the iPhone SE(2020) in PC/MAC
Step 3. If you have a PC, you have to hold down the shift button for that, then click on update
Step 4. If you have a MAC, you have to hold down the option key for that, then click on update
Step 5. Select your IPSW file for iPhone SE(2020) which you have downloaded in iTunes
Step 6. After that IPSW file will be installed in your iPhone SE(2020)

FAQ on IPSW of iPhone SE(2020)

How to install IPSW file on iPhone SE(2020) without itunes?

  1. First of all, you have to download and install the Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro software in MAC/PC.
  2. Connect the iPhone SE(2020) to the PC/MAC via cable
  3. After that you have to open the Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro, then click on “Fix All iOS Stuck” on the interface.
  4. After that you click on browse, select IPSW file and click on download, after that your file will be imported into your software.
  5. When the downloading is complete, automatic updating and repairing of files will begin in the iPhone SE (2020).
  6. Once this process is completed in your iPhone SE (2020), you can remove it and use it.

Where to download IPSW for iPhone SE(2020)?

  1. First of all search IPSW.US in Google search.
  2. Go to the website
  3. Select the iPhone SE(2020) to download the IPSW file.
  4. Select iOS version
  5. Click on download button
  6. Then it will start downloading on your device

Where IPSW files of iPhone XR are stored mac?

The IPSW file is saved in ~/Library /iTunes/iPhone/Software/Updates.

How to remove IPSW file of Iphone XR from itunes?

If you use PC/MAC, then for that you have given the below file location, which you can follow and delete the iPhone SE(2020) file from iTunes.
Yourusername/AppData/Roaming/AppleComputer/iTunes/iPhone /Software Updates